John Lee Dumas — Entrepreneur on Fire, Podcast Guru and Leader.

10 Leadership Traits I Noticed During our 10 Minute Interview.

I reached out to John Lee Dumas — Entrepreneur on Fire podcast creator and successful entrepreneur to interview him and feature his wisdom in my book Your Creative Career. Our conversation was only 10 minutes long but it was full of, what John calls, “value bombs”, which I’ll share in detail in the book. Besides being charismatic and confident, I also noticed right away that he is a leader. Here are 10 leadership signs I spotted during our interactions:

  • Leading through empowering others — responding to my initial interview request, John said he would be honored to do it. I noticed it right away for selfish reasons — he made me feel very special, but also because building others is a well known trait of successful leaders. If asked, they usually nonchalantly mention what they do but talk about their conversation partners with excitement asking genuine questions.
  • Time scarcity — I booked this interview 2 months in advance and checking John’s calendar I saw 1 slot open — from 10–10:15am. Needless to say, I took it right away.
  • Efficiency — John created multiple streams of income efficiently managing all the products from online courses to affiliate marketing, his daily podcasts and new projects that I’m sure are already brewing in his head.
  • Extreme focus — John follows the words of Guy Kawasaki — FOCUS — follow one course until successful.
  • Hunger for challenge — having created multitude of digital products, John decided to publish the Mastery Journal and Freedom Journal knowing that creating a physical product would be more challenging than sticking to what he knew best — the digital world.
  • Consistency — at the time of writing this article, Episode 1676 of the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire has just been published. It’s admirable to witness such long-term daily consistency and this makes us realize that his success is definitely well earned.
  • Innovation — as far as coming up with new products, he’s literally “on fire.” Being a restless innovator puts him in the lead.
  • Having a clear picture of the audience — John has a clear picture of who he targets and whose loyalty he wants to earn.
  • Focusing on abundance instead of worrying about being copied — This podcast guru shares a lot of tips and tricks during his daily episodes and courses. On his show, he accepts advertisements of other podcasts because he is convinced that there’s room for everyone to thrive.
  • Being open to any opportunity — I’m a first time author and yet John didn’t ask me any specific questions about the book I’m writing to evaluate if this interview would be worth his time. He simply said yes. I’m sure that thanks to this open approach, John let a lot of exciting opportunities unfold.


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