Sailing Around the World Dream.

Is Your Dream Really Your Dream?

I’m a sailor, this is one of the things that bonds Greg, my boyfriend and I. Greg is a captain who owns a sailing school on Oahu, Hawaii. However, this post is not going to be about Greg and I. Maybe I’ll write one about us another day.

This article is going to be about you and helping you figure out if your dreams are really your dreams. I’m not here to burst your dream bubble, I promise. I’m here to make sure you’re spending your energy in the best possible way.

Many people have this dream of sailing around the world. It sounds majestic, adventurous and just overall amazing. Watching sailing on TV or having been invited for a sail by a friend, they dream of making it a lifestyle one day. To them sailing is having a martini in one hand and a steering wheel in the other hand. It seems like a luxurious lifestyle of abundance and comfort. That’s what they have seen during their Caribbean vacations on their friend’s boat.

I’ve been sailing for 7 years and have done some blue water sailing (ocean sailing) in Hawaii. That’s when the waves are breaking, it blows 25–30 knots and you’re sailing upwind. Conditions can be rough. Sailing between the Hawaiian islands in the middle of the Pacific allowed me to get a taste of what sailing around the world would be like. It’s probably what I have experienced but on steroids. When you think of blue water sailing- ocean crossing or sailing around the world, here are the things to keep in mind:

  • You may get covered by waves and stay wet for hours. You may be damp for a few days actually.
  • There will be always something to take care of on the boat. Repairs and fixes are on every boat owner’s agenda regardless of the age of the boat.
  • You’ll have to get used to simple, canned food unless you toughen up and cook on a gimbaled stove, stove that can swing back and forth on two pivot points so it tilts and remains level even when the boat is not. Also depending on where you sail, not all ingredients may be available for purchase.
  • You’ll spend more money on boat repairs and life aboard than you thought you were going to spend.
  • If you’re used to fast, reliable internet, fresh vegetables and other comforts, you’ll have to lower your standards.

Getting a taste of your dream instead of waiting for a full on execution of it may be a great way to find out if sailing around the world or any other dream is really for you. It’s a wonderful way to discover and decide if you’re on the right path of designing the life you want. Having realized that your dream is not actually your dream is a tremendous opportunity to pivot and get on course of achieving your dream life.

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