Success = Being Smart Enough to Be Good Enough

Photo by Massimo Mancini

I’m sure you realized that those who are the most successful are not the most talented. Making it as a creative entrepreneur involves the whole bouquet of skills, it’s not “just” the talent to create. There is a large number of very gifted artists who create beautiful pieces but they don’t know what to do with them. They stubbornly block themselves from getting informed about sales and marketing assuming that they can just focus on creating and someone else will do it for them.

Creative entrepreneurs who respond to customers’ needs, making pieces based on what’s in demand, win. These business owners create communities and have an audience zeroing in on providing value. They are smart enough and the work they offer gets exposure. They take feedback from customers and improve their work accordingly. Artists, now more than anytime, need marketing skills or need to be open to learning them. If you’re not in the position of having an agent or a representative working for you, and most of us are not, you need to take on this multidimensional hustle.

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Those who succeed do have street smarts which is way more important than being overly educated or talented. It seems that talent by itself is too unilevel to compete on a broad scale. Times when virtuosos, prodigies and other masters were getting discovered are over. Genius must now have legs to get to places.

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>>My author page has almost 2,000 likes woot woot, come hang and get inspired
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