If you love something so very, very, very much, stick with it, have a drive to complete it, work…
Kira Leigh

Thank you for your comment. Well it’s bold to take a stand and try to define what art is and what isn’t. Art and creativity is relative.

As far as mentioning Stephen King, my point was that he doesn’t need to worry if he writes for others, maybe he used to back in the day. He now sells whatever he writes.

Whether we are fiction or non-fiction writers, I think our readers are our measure of success. This is what motivates me and drives me to write. It may be different for others. I rewrote the concept of my book to create something that resonates more and sells. Yes, I do want to sell books, I’m a writer who wants to keep pursuing the craft as a career. I have to be passionate about what I write as well, this goes without saying.

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