The 100 Days of Creative Pause

#The100DaysofCreativePause screenshot from my first video of #The100DayProject

Big ideas need to be fed by boredom. We cannot keep multitasking, keep being on the go and expect our creativity to flourish. Our inspiration needs a pause. I joined Elle Luna’s 100 Day Project where you post a creative project a day on Instagram. You choose a theme of the project you’ll be doing for a hundred days and a hashtag. Mine is #The100DaysofCreativePause. For one hundred days I will be posting one minute meditation videos reminding us all of taking a creative pause. Videos will be inspiring relaxation through nature, peaceful sounds and repetition. I’ll be including carefully chosen quotes from creativity, entrepreneurship and mindfulness books I’ve been reading.

Because of repetition, you may find these videos boring, after a few seconds, you may feel like you got the point and stop. However if you stop, you didn’t get the point, the point is you being bored. Being bored for just one minute a day, can you do that?

“For me, downtime or seemingly nonproductive, noninteractive space often results in a great tilting of soil that yields big ideas” admits Jonathan Fields in Uncertainty. We underestimate the role boredom plays in our creative life. When we are bored or when we pause, we recharge. Taking a break may seem to us like a waste of time but it may actually contribute to increasing our productivity.

Instead of taking a pause, we quit jobs, leave relationships and keep living unfulfilling lives. Entrepreneurs feel guilty when pausing. We’re caught in the race of who is the busiest and who hustles more. If we pause, we fall behind in our internally created competition with ourselves. Breaks help us being productive and achieve clarity. Taking a step back may make us appreciate what we do, understand what we need and contribute to overall happiness.

Consider treating a pause as rejuvenating nectar for your creative life. Its impact will be implicit, you just have to trust it. Take your pause daily following my #The100DaysOfCreativePause on Instagram.

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