Decentralized Startup Marketplace?

The startup ecosystem is a complex mix of research, support, and funding organizations, service providers, corporations, mentors, advisers and more. For reference, the European startup ecosystem alone consists of more than 800,000 companies with total revenue of more than €400 billion, employing more than 4.5 million people. Therefore we could safely claim that the startup ecosystem has reached a certain maturity and hence needs an adequate support structure that provides transparency and decentralized access to information and resources.

The Decentralized Startup marketplace is a virtual space where startups and ecosystem supporters (investors, corporations, service providers etc.) can exchange resources like funds, products, services and information in a secure and transparent manner.

The issue?

Currently, a startup would need on average 1–3 months time to find the right support for growth- be it an accelerator, a VC fund or even as simple as a lawyer who knows what a Founders Agreement is. We all know that time is precious and even more so when you are 2 or 3 people trying to change the world for better with almost nothing, but your bootstraps.

On the other hand startups themselves are a precious source of resources and information as they present the world with the latest technology and innovative products and most founders don’t mind sharing their experiences and knowhow of the ecosystem to help other founders. The only problem here is that the knowledge sharing happens only face-to-face: when you meet up at a startup event or other occasion that allows the space for founders and supporters to meet and exchange.

A third problem arises when a supporter be it an angel, investor, accelerator, corporation etc. wants to get access to a number of startups operating in a single industry, but based in various locations worldwide.

A solution

What if there was a virtual space where you could have access to this first hand knowledge and resources of the startup ecosystem?

Where startups and supporters from different local ecosystems could share knowledge and exchange resources like funds, products and services securely with as much as a few clicks?

What if once you’ve found the right partner or product, you could reach them, request their support and pay them all at one place?

Those are the questions asked by startAround- a platform having the ambition to become the Decentralized Startup Marketplace.

What is startAround?

startAround is an interactive platform providing an innovative gamified token-based business model, blockchain-based security and interactive peer-to-peer support and resource sharing. It enables secure exchange of communication and resources for startups and supporters while providing structure and transparency for the ecosystem. It aims to help startups and supporters significantly reduce the time and resources needed to find the right match for their needs.

Introducing SAT- the startup token

What if startups and supporters had an easy and secure way to send and receive resources?

Benefits for startups

By exchanging services and funds through a startup token, startups could not only sell their products, get funded and pay for a supporting service all at one place, they could take control of their own destiny while benefitting from the transparency and trustless security of the decentralized marketplace.

Benefits for supporters

Introducing a blockchain-based token serving the decentralized startup market allows investors, corporations, service providers and other supporters to have direct access to a multitude of startups all at once and execute their transactions in full security thanks to the smart contract system applied.

Want to know more?

Check the website for news and updates or join the startAround Telegram discussion and have first hand information from the founders on the upcoming ICO.