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Hi there:) I am a woman and I wasn’t born or taught by my parents how to be socially OK. In fact I was dumb as men you’re describing, maybe dumber. Introverted, with hidden feelings, always the weirdo.. By the time I realized how hugely important it is to understand others, have good connections with them etc. So I learned that by my own. The steps are easy, the journey is harder. But definitely worth it.

  1. Just finally shut up and LISTEN. Everytime since now you speak with someone, don’t speak about yourself at all. Let them talk, observe their mimics, show them compassion and understanding. Ask them how they feel with u. What u could change to make them more comfortable with u. Ask them how u can help them. It’s very hard not to speak about yourself all the time, but luckily there are so many people you can speak with that the chances are almost indefinite.
  2. Patterns. Everytime there goes something wrong or good, take your time, write it down and think about what you did wrong again or what did u do differently this time that it went good. Use these mistakes to learn and improve. Make it a sociology study for yourself or make it somehow analytical. Whatever is funnier for u.
  3. Choices. After proper listening, collecting the data and following the patterns that repeatedly shows in your life, relationships and conversations, you now have enough material to make better choices. You now know that u have choice to listen , talk, behave etc in different way, you know what were causing the troubles and you can choose to change it. Implement whatever you have learned, sleep & repeat and you will not be socially dumb anymore;)
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