How Is College?

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me that, this out-of-state tuition wouldn’t be nearly as hard to swallow. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved (and needed) every one of those calls, texts, letters and packages. I’m thankful. And I’m loved beyond measure. But really, How IS college? It isn’t “good,” or “bad,” or even “perfect.” College is hard. I absolutely love it, but sometimes its hard. There have no doubt been days when I have cried because my adorable mom isn’t here to hang out with me, help me with laundry (she did teach me how, I just don’t enjoy doing it) or even just hug me. Now that is coming from me, “not the hugging kind.” I’ve also had those days that I stand in awe of this beautiful new home of mine, with its smiling faces and sweet new friends and puppies. There are puppies EVERYWHERE. I love it here, but I absolutely miss those hugs. I love my new friends, but I miss my ones at home. I love my cozy dorm and all of the social interaction, but I missing being able to take a 4 hour nap on the sofa. College is a transition. A beautiful one. A BIG one. Some days I never look back, while others I call someone different in my family every 20 min for support. But not a day goes by that I forget how thankful I am. Thankful for parents who raised me to be ready for this, thankful for siblings (and siblings-in-law) who are always ready listen to my stories about clueless freshman adventures, thankful for my wonderful friends and church family back in the 919 who remind me daily how much I’m still loved and supported, even though I’m 510 miles away. And finally, I’m thankful for a God who I know will never fail me.

I’m thankful for the new too. New friends, new places to explore, a new church family that I love, and an absolute love for this Auburn Family. Tonight, as I delay reading an essay for an English class that ‘might be canceled, but if so, it won’t be announced until 7am. So you’ll have no choice but do do the reading anyway,” I am especially thankful for a new group of ladies in particular.

CHAARG. CHAARG rocks y’all! Its a group of girls all focused on fitness and health. Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. CHAARG has (already) pushed me in all three respects in the short time I’ve been apart of it. CHAARG {Changing Health Attitudes + Actions to Recreate Girls} is beautiful. We’ve trained together, laughed and cried together, and even prayed together. These girls are tough. But so loving. I feel so loved already. A group that pushes you to be the best you can be is pretty powerful.

Overall, how is college? College is great! I love college!

College is hard, sometimes I want to nap for 27 hours and neglect adult-like responsibilities.

College is beautiful, I never mind walking to class because of the beautiful campus I get to enjoy on the way.

College is a learning experience.


Laundry detergent CANNOT be substituted with dish soap. Don’t do it. Bad call. Also, don’t plug a hair dryer, a microwave, a Kurig and a crock-pot in the same power strip. A bad call as well. And clothes don’t pick themselves off the floor, not sure how they went from my floor to cleaned and folded in my drawers for the past 18 years, but I would have liked that streak to have continued.

College is humbling, but I love it here.

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