You don’t have to earn it:

Learning that food doesn’t need validation.

*I worked out today so I can eat that.* *I run so I can eat* *I can’t eat that, I didn’t workout today.* *Will lift for pizza*

Say these thing in front of me and I will likely scream. At you. Out loud. In general.

Since when do we workout so we can validate our eating habits? Who created this dumb new rule that we have to *earn* our food? Why is our motive of Health + Fitness NOT health and fitness?

Why do we workout? I think that the answer for this is different for everyone. Everyone has their own journey, full of ups + downs. Some girls workout to lose weight, some to gain weight. One girl at the squat rack may be looking to tone, while the other might want to *see* her muscles for the first time. But regardless of all of the amazingly diverse reasons our girls workout, *to eat* should not be one of them.

You. Don’t. Have. To. Earn. Your. Food.

EAT THE DAMN CUPCAKE. LOVE IT. Enjoy it. Don’t rob the fun of a pancake by counting its carbs, chill with the *checking MyFitnessPal to see if you have any calories left* mentality.

Food is meant to be loved + enjoyed+ experienced. There are MILLIONS of recipes online for fun desserts, creative dinners, + super snacks. Try them. \

Now, should you have 10 cupcakes a day, every day? Probably not. But should you restrict yourself from having a cupcake because they are *bad?* Also a no.

There is no *good* food or *bad* food. Food is just food, + in moderation, it’s all okay.

This is all a mentality thing.

Example: Why do I eat healthy food? → because I love my body, + want to nourish it with the things that it needs to be the strongest, best body it can be.

Why do I eat a cupcake sometimes? → because I love my body, + want it to have the freedom to fluctuate a little bit. I want to enjoy the fun (+ sugary) things in life on occasion, without worry.

Why do I workout? → Because I love my body, and want to challenge it, strengthen it, and push it to be the best body it can be. I want to watch the amazing things it can do.

Why do I take a day off// rest day? → Because I love my body, and I want to respect it. I want to listen to it + acknowledge that in order for it to be strong, it needs rest too. I want to perform at my best, which means that I give it a break when it needs one.

There is a trend: we all want to LOVE our body. I haven’t spoken to a single individual who didn’t, to some degree, care about their body. Whether it be appearance or performance, most people want their body to perform well.

Food + Exercise are two of the most powerful weapons that we can use. They can be used for AMAZING things, they can create a powerful strong, confident person. Or they can destroy us. They can control our lives, suck the joy right out of us, + physically tear us apart.

Ladies, use them for good. Use food to nourish your body. To make it full + powerful. Use exercise to strengthen your body. Use it to empower yourself + challenge yourself. Do it because you LOVE your body, not because you hate it.

+ always, #CHAARGon

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