Quietly Brilliant

The world is full of extroverts. Loud and exuberant they argue, debate, and conquer regardless of the context. I both admire and envy you. For your daring character, and your effortless ability to speak up in front of an audience at a moment’s notice. Or when you perfectly confident deliver a somewhat ridiculous excuse for why you didn’t complete a task assigned to you — and make your boss feel silly for asking in the first place:).

Your love of attention is your true follower as you navigate through life.

Alongside the extroverted population, live a different species — the introverts. Introverts draw energy from solitude rather than companionship. With inner worlds so spectacular that reality rarely rivals. We’re less likely to be noticed in a big group, many of us mute in masses. Our quiet nature sometimes mistaken for lack of ambition, intellect, and talent. But let’s be clear: that’s not it. We’re merely wired differently.

We navigate through life quietly, shying away from the spotlight.

Introverts are problem solvers who thoroughly analyze the task assigned to us (and our competition!), reflect on the world in our own space, and then (only then) can we transform chaos into whatever tangible product is required. With our analytical minds we feel more comfortable in the background. That’s also where we’re most needed. While the extrovert is busy talking about the work, the introvert gets the job done. And nowhere along the line do we ask for rewards nor recognition. Partly because of our humble nature, partly because we’ve already moved on to the next deliverable.

My point is this: why not capitalize on our differences, rather than try to force the introvert to mirror the behavior of the extrovert? It’s like trying to fit a circle into a triangle! Whether in the personal sphere, or in the workplace, it takes all kinds of shapes to makes this universe rock. Each one unique and distinct — and precious in its own way.

So invest a little time and effort in unlocking the door that leads to that sacred, spectacular space that is by definition the mind and heart of that peculiar introvert. If luck prevails and you approach her the right way — with wit and playful eyes that is — you just might catch a glimpse of a quietly brilliant mind.

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