a one-line poem

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I follow no one, do lead the train into the world below; this my daily routine, inside my silent coffin.

Written in response to Crooked Little Flower’s one-line poem prompt on silence — see all responses here.

Being new here, although I’ve read a lot, this might need a little introduction:

Reading Marika Bianca’s one lined poem on silence made me decide to break my own.

The world below, and the coffin metaphors for my job, I’m an MTA train driver on the subway, A train to be precise. The confined space of my drivers cabin the silent coffin where I started scribbling on the side, some seventeen years ago, just little stories of passengers I see on camera. These words for starters, once a week I’m going to choose one of the many, do some editing and post my work out in the open.

My full name Anna Magdalena Maria DaSilva. (It doesn’t fit the header)

If you like my words I appreciate your heart.