10 College Courses You Should Absolutely Take!

Courses that will help you personally and professionally!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just finished my junior year of college! While that’s probably not as exciting for you as it is for me, I still wanted to share.

Anyway, throughout my time at university my friends and I have taken many useful and interesting classes. With their help I have put together a list of ten classes that I think will help you become a better person and professional!

  1. Personal Finance

It’s no secret that this generation of college student is staggering under huge amounts of student debt. Per a 2012 study, 71% of college graduates had some form of student loan debt. Many graduates also lack basic financial skills like writing a check, opening a bank account, or calculating an interest rate. This class will help!

In a good personal finance class you will learn all of those skills and more. You will learn how to set a budget and keep to it, learn your options for retirement savings, and learn some investing basics. I really cannot oversell personal finance classes.

Personally I think this class should be taught in high schools, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. If you only take one of the classes on this list, make it this one!

2. Relaxation Techniques

Though no one seems to be able to figure out why, millennials are the most anxious and mental illness prone generation in the last 80 years.

A relaxation techniques class will help keep you the mentally fit and healthy with a mixture of meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques. You will learn how to identify and manage stress and your daily life, and hey maybe you’ll develop a new hobby. If meditation isn’t your thing though, my roommate says this class is a great place to take a nap!

3. Public Speaking

Public speaking sucks, but it’s getting to be more and more important. No matter what you’re field of study is, it is highly likely that at some point during your professional career you will have to make a speech in front of a crowd.

Whether you’re making a toast at a dinner or a presentation for the big bosses, knowing how to speak confidently in front of a crowd will only serve to heighten your value as an employee.

So sign yourself up for a public speaking class! Maybe some day you’ll be able to give a speech without your knees shaking, or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

4. Upper Level Writing Class

In the immortal words of Steve Tobak “Learn to Write, for God’s Sake.” In today’s world of constant communication,, being unable to express yourself in writing is no longer an option.

Even if you’re not planning on going into a writing intense field you will still be writing emails and memos that will be seen by your coworkers and superiors. Do not be that person who cannot form a proper sentence!

I purposely made this number a broad category. You could take a professional writing class, a business writing class, or even an intensive creative writing class to satisfy this requirement. No matter your choice, just learn to write!

5. Comparative Religion

It is a pretty well known fact that fear and lack of information go hand in hand. This is especially true when it comes to religion and its been that way for a very long time.

Before you start judging a religion or fearing someone who practices it, do yourself a favor and take a comparative religion class. Not only will it challenge your preconceived notions, but it also help you realize that we’re not as different as the media would like us to believe.

6. Foreign Language

I’m not talking about satisfying your minimum foreign language requirement here. I’m talking about being comfortable enough with a language that you could go to a foreign country and have a basic conversation.

As well as being useful in travel, having some fluency in a second language will make you a much more attractive candidate when you enter the job market. Companies, especially ones that have clients or interests overseas, are looking to hire employees with knowledge of a second language.

The language that you choose here should serve to further your career goals. With business investments in Asia being so popular, learning Japanese or Mandarin could be very helpful. Kiplinger wrote a whole article on languages that will be beneficial to your career.

7. Logic and Reasoning

I have taken this class. It was awful. However, as much as it stunk it was very useful. Being able to form a clear and concise argument without relying on fallacies will serve you well in life.

In this class I learned to dissect and really understand arguments. You will also learn how to recognize fallacies when you read or hear them. This skill has been particularly useful during campaign season!

8. Statistics

Everyday we’re bombarded with data and statistics by people and companies who seek to sway our opinions and buying habits. “4 out of 5 dentists recommend this product” or “x percent of smokers get cancer” are just two examples of the statistics we are presented with on a daily basis.

How true are these statistics though, and how do these companies reach these conclusions? Are there numbers backing this up or are they just throwing numbers at us? By taking a statistics class you will be able to be a more intelligent consumer.

On top of that, most people who work in a management position will have to analyze data at some point or another. Learning how to analyze data will help you immensely in your personal and professional life!

9. Coding

Learning to code is like learning another language both in practice and usefulness. Learning the basics of computer programming can help you in your professional career as well as in your personal life.

Who doesn’t want a hobby with the potential to make them a few million dollars with the next app design? Who wouldn’t want to be able to tell their computer programmer or repairman exactly what the problem is, or better fix the problem themselves!

Computers are heavily integrated into the fabric of modern society, and learning the basics of their language could be extremely useful!

10. Nutrition and Health

More than 35% of American adults are considered obese, and that does not look like it will be changing any time soon. Do yourself a favor and learn at a fairly young age what foods are good for your body.

A lot of these classes will also have students keep a food journal. There’s something very abrupt about having all of your eating choices laid out in front of you. It may provide the motivation you need to kick your morning doughnut happen!

Class Dismissed!

So there you have it folks, ten classes that will help you win at work and in life. Let me know if I’ve missed any!

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