I come home to try and find peace, to try and find me

But all I find is overgrown weeds, broken childhood swings.

Our family dog is old, on her bad last legs and losing her mind

And that baby I sat for is not obeying the speed limit signs.

My room is emptied out and it’s an abysmal shade of Bismol;

It was stolen by my sister while I was stumbling through dorm halls.

My little brother’s girlfriend is a terrifying Twitter fiend;

She curses in 140 characters but can’t look up when meeting me.

My birthday is this Monday inching me closer to old age;

Being 28 meant having babies or at least growing a little more sage.

Our neighbors are getting divorced, they have four kids and a perfect life,

But I guess everything’s not so perfect when a husband leaves his wife.

There’s pictures on the wall reminding me of all I’ve seen, all I’ve done.

It didn’t seem that long ago; I want time to stop, right when I stopped having fun.