En honor de la tradición.

I have some great friends.

First, I had the pleasure of being visited by Celien, one of my long-lasting girlfriends from high school.
I took her to the beach, where we plunged into the seats of one of the many beach restaurants. 
 We ordered ourselves some DELICIOUS paella and sangria and had a nice, essential talk while enjoying the burning of the sun on our faces. Literally. We burned our faces.

Marina beach club

Next stop was a new establishment called “Marina beach club”.
The place is extremely modern in comparison to the rest of the buildings along the shore.
In the daytime, it operates as a restaurant and lounge, but when sun sets, it transforms into a true nightclub with its own mini-stage. There is even an infinity pool. No joke.
I have to admit, it’s a cool place to chill. But honestly, you pay way too much for what you’re getting.
Could have seen that coming, I know, but still. Next time, the only thing I am ordering is a goddamn cappuccino.

That night we were invited for dinner by two Italian friends, Francesco and Alessandro (I know, can’t get more Italian than that) together with two of my lovely Spanish ladies, Jessica and Asia. Alessandro cooked us risotto with red tuna, zucchini and mint. Special but sooooo delicious!
We played some games and laughed our asses off! These will definitely be some of the best memories I have from being in Valencia!

Celien and I afterwards went to a festival in the middle of Calatrava’s ciudad, called the Electrofallas. The fact that you can party in the middle of this futuristic city is undoubtedly the best setting possible! The only DJ I knew was Nicky Romero because I already saw him play once at Tomorrowland.
In short, the music and people were fine, but to be honest, I (obviously) have had some better parties before. Go there once, sure! Go there again? No thanks.

My favourite falla!

The week after, Las Fallas could finally start!
Massive, incredibly stunning sculptures began to arise everywhere and decorated every corner of the already dazzling city of Valencia!
There were fireworks and mascletas everywhere, ALL THE TIME (!), rocking the city to its foundations and the hearts of the people within.
In some parts, there were streets decorated with big illuminated hallways, even surrounding my favourite sculpture! You cannot believe the goose bumps this brought me, experiencing this right in the middle of it.
After all the admiring and taking it all in, there were parties in the middle of the streets which make the crowd dance until the early morning, for five days straight!

On Friday, two other friends of mine, Pieter and Julie joined me in the last days of this magnificent festival. That night on Nit del Foc, the last big fireworks of this year’s edition, was fired off. Constituting to the most wonderful illuminations in the night sky I have ever witnessed in my life.

La Virgen de los Desamparados

On the last day, we went to admire the enormous flowered cape of la Virgen de los Desamparados in front of the Basilica.

And last but, my god, definitely not least: la Cridà, also known as the burning of the sculptures.
We went to watch a ‘lesser known’ statue, because we really wanted to see it happen as close and intimately as we possible could.

Honestly, I cannot describe the feeling of seeing and sensing something so extraordinary.
 The image of a piece of pure art, into which, the makers have put in so much love and effort for a WHOLE YEAR, burning up in flames in honour of a great tradition. All the streets drowned in smoke and excitement.
It makes even the toughest person emotional for a moment.
Talk about taking “kill your darlings” to a whole new level!

Las Fallas are one of the most memorable phenomenons I was lucky enough to experience. I would recommend this to absolutely everyone and I am hoping some of you can take part in this with as much love and happiness as I did.

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