Viaje a Xàtiva!


Saturday, the 21st of February, I went on a trip with my ladies to Xàtiva, a town 45 minutes away from Valencia city! It was organized by one of the two leading Erasmus organisations.
Because the trip was so cheap, there were like 7 busses full of people from all around the world.

First we visited the castle of Xàtiva, wandering through history for two hours.
 Climbing stairs, enjoying majestic views, wondering what it would have been like living here as a queen..
The view over the city was not that spectacular. It’s mostly industry that surrounds the castle, and just a little bit of housing. You could tell that the castle is probably the only exciting thing in town.

The other side, on the other hand, showed beautiful nature and a mountain range as a background. Now this is what I am talking about!

Second stop: Bolbaite.

Now this is something else. It’s like you walk into a mini-version of the Grand Canyon. In the middle of the town, which is located in the middle of nowhere by the way, you can enter a split where there are several pools of very clear, blue water. The ideal spot for a picnic!
For appetizer, the crew brought us a bucket full of sangria to enjoy together.
I can totally imagine in summer, when it is probably too hot to even breathe, locals swimming and relaxing in their own mini-paradise. This country keeps surprising me.

And last but not least, we stopped for a brief moment to go to a platform for another spectacular view over the nature! To get there, we had the climb the mount Everest.

Figuratively speaking of course ;) But still. I went running the day before and I was stiff as a fucking board. Best. Idea. Ever.

We arrived back home, tired but satisfied!

It is a nice feeling you know. Although it is nothing in comparison to l’Alhambra. I still enjoyed every second of it. Just knowing that I can do these sorts of little trips to places I will probably never visit again. Oh Erasmus, I love you so much ❤