How to Choose a Golf Rangefinder

Anna Bush
Anna Bush
Nov 30, 2016 · 4 min read
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Rangefinders to take the guesswork out of calculating the distance between two points. Reflection rangefinders calculate the distance by bouncing a laser beam, sound waves or radio waves on a reflective surface. They are often accurate to within one meter, depending on the distance. Laser rangefinders are the most common of the reflective rangefinders. Optical rangefinders use an eyepiece and a mirror to measure distances with an accuracy within 5 to 10 meters. Rangefinders use GPS global satellite navigation system to determine the location of the points requires less than 1 inch.

Determine the main use for which you need a rangefinder. Some applications require precise accuracy, while others allow a margin of error in calculating distances.

An optical rangefinder is useful to estimate the distance — and determination of the lens is necessary — when an individual focuses on photography. Optical rangefinders are less expensive than the reflective and GPS rangefinders. No specific measures are needed.

Select a laser or other reflective rangefinder to calculate the range of a shot in golf and hunting. These rangefinders are accurate to within 500-a-600 yards. They provide accurate within a yard, while a surface reflects well from that distance.

What must be taken into account to buy the best laser rangefinder?

Most inexperienced consumers care about battery life. However, the batteries are changed only once a year during the intensive laser rangefinder.

The size and weight
The size and weight of the device are undoubtedly the two most important parameters for a rangefinder! While choosing a lightweight and compact instrument is crucial for hunting, is not as important in other applications.

However, most of the top brands have small and manageable devices, which in most cases can be stored in the pocket.

The different modes of “priority.”
We understand the importance priority gives the meter to the target object. When rangefinder read the first object found in his sights ignoring other objects around it, it is said that the rangefinder is in a mode of priority . Conversely, if the rangefinder ignores the first object to read another set in a background, it is said that the rangefinder is in the second mode of priority.

First priority
This concept is very important as it will determine the type of rangefinder immediately you need. The first devices are, for example, widely used for construction and golf, because usually there is no object between the player and the flag. Anyway, if we play in a field with lots of greenery, we could be useful to a more complex meter to save the trees, for example.

Second priority
By contrast, rangefinders with second preference option used in cases where we are our aim and objects between us.

It should be borne in mind that the best rangefinders offer the ability to switch from one mode to another when necessary temporarily.

Gratings and stopping points
The grid is the point, the cross or visible in the line of your rangefinder circle. Some are composed of black lines that overlap in the target to be measured. If this is the case, we do not recommend buying a model of this type. In fact, these lattices are indistinguishable on a dark background or in low light.

Other lattices are in turn illuminated with LED technology. The advantage is that you can adjust the brightness of the LED. By contrast, the disadvantage of the grid of LED is that in some circumstances high brightness, can become annoying.

We conclude that there is no single solution and that depends on the hours that you are going to use.

Leica Distance meters Analysis mode
Scan mode is activated by a small button that allows the EDM perform a read operation to calculate the distance to the moving target continuously.

Zoom lens
Whatever we should measure the distance with the laser, a magnification level 6–7 times the initial image is usually sufficient.

Care Device
A laser range finder is an electronic device, so it is recommended to treat it delicately. Although it is very robust, prevention is always better.

Precautions to take before, during and after use!
Never look directly into the laser beam. Even with a power of less than one MW, the light beam can damage the eyes and cause serious damage to the retina of your eye.
We recommend buying brands. Not worth risking your health to save a 20 €,
Prices for laser distance meters
There are different rangefinder with different prices available there.

You can take a look at our selection HERE.

That’s all for today friends, if you have any questions or comments on any matter do not hesitate to contact via the comments. I am happy to try to help.

Until next time!

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