How to choose the golf GPS Watch

In recent years technology has made its entry sharply even in the world of golf. More and more players have decision to buy and prorate on GPS devices in the field able to measure distances, to help them make the right decisions and improve performance in significant ways. In this guide we will explain the different GPS devices for the Golf to guide you to the correct acquired.

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GPS Watches Golf

The watches are the devices with smaller size, light weight and ease of use. This makes them the preferred choice for those players looking for a mix of these characteristics. Do not require any additional support if not be worn on the wrist or alternatively linked to a belt or bag. Most can also be simply used as the normal clocks, which allows to use them even outside the golf course. It ‘important to consult and confrontation technical and design features to find the model best suited to your personal needs. 
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GPS Navigation Systems

Without having a caddy at your side, there is a lot of work to do to determine the distance from the hole, and various obstacles such as bunkers or angles to follow. A GPS device provides you quickly and precisely all the data that you need to better address the hole. Obviously the devices vary from model to model, some are able to offer basic information up to the latest generation models that are able to display advanced information and particularly detailed. 
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Optical rangefinders Course

A difference of GPS, rangefinders do not use maps and not rely on satellite signals. Optical rangefinders after being pointed in the appropriate direction; bounce a signal on the device to calculate the distance. It is a very effective way to calculate the distances by bunkers and holes. In addition it is offer the possibility to measure any difference in height of the grass or other factors that could affect the shot, such as temperature changes. And ‘advisable to use these tools in days with clear skies, since the presence of fog or adverse meteorological factors could slightly alter the results. 
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