Why Reflect on Things You Do

Everyday we chose to do things. We get up, we eat, we work, we have conversations, we sleep. The end. But there is so much more to all those events we choose to do. How well did we do them? Doing something well is a personal definition. You need to define what doing things well is to you and then start examining the events of your day. Are you doing things well as you’ve defined it and are fulfilling your dreams and goals?

My definition of doing things well is eating nourishing and energy producing food, getting quality sleep, daily exercise that pushes me out of my comfort zone, fully meditating for 10 minutes and making positive connections with each person I interact with each day. If I’m not doing these things well, I have failed myself. I am not living a life that leads to accomplishing my goals. By doing these things well, I am in a positive state of crushing goals. I am ready to work on the life I want.

Reflect on what you did today…did you do it well?

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