To the New Mom

My neighbor handed me a copy of The Baby Whisperer when my screaming banshee daughter was 2 weeks old, and ordered me to read it cover-to-cover. Oh, sister…that book may have saved my life, and probably saved my kid’s life too. When you dive into that mess with a 40-hour sleep deficit (woke up Tues AM, had baby Weds night, got to sleep around 11:30pm Weds) and are both bewildered and hallucinating from sleep deprivation….well, let’s just say that Ms. Hogg and her routine (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You, repeat), along with a cry-decoder chart, made life manageable. Good luck!

P.S. That baby is now 9. People who tell you that older kids are harder have completely repressed the memories of surviving the newborn stage. I’ll take a little drama, irrational crying fits over nothing important, and the soccer-and-flute shuttle to midnight pacifier hunts on the floor in the dark anyday. I haven’t dressed her in at least 6 years, and if she barfs on herself, it’s her problem!

    Anne Catlin Johnson

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