Becoming a Luxury Home Specialist

Anne Ewasko
Jan 7, 2018 · 1 min read

Anne Ewasko is a real estate broker with Baird & Warner, an agency based in Chicago, Illinois. An established real estate agent, Anne Ewasko holds a multitude of professional certifications from national organizations, including that of a Luxury Home Specialist.

The Luxury Home Specialist accreditation is administered by the Luxury Home Council, an organization created in 2004 to provide better resources for real estate professionals working with more affluent clientele. As well as providing a large amount of current data and trends for professionals in the real estate field, the Luxury Home Council offers the LHS certification as a way to distinguish their members’ accomplishments and reliability.

The LHS designation relies on a list of requirements and training that must take place or be met before the certification is given. The training includes an overview of national and regional trends, specialization within the market, marketing to buyers, and staging and showing the luxury homes. The recipient must also be a member of the National Association of Realtors, another professional resource for those in the real estate market.

Anne Ewasko

Written by

Anne Ewasko, a real estate agent with deep experience in the Chicago marketplace, represents homeowners and buyers through Baird and Warner.

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