Benefits of Company Formation

Company formation is the situation in which a business becomes a company. Company formation process makes the business to be a company, and also the company is treated as an entity that is separate from those who operate it. The company formation process requires the business to have the following essential documents. When one wants to form a company, the following are the essential documents that they need to submit to the registrar of companies and also pay the registration fee. First and foremost, those who need to have companies need to have an article of association which is a document that clearly outlines the rules of running the company’s internal affairs.

The law requires those who want to register their companies to have an article of association document which is signed by every partner in the business in the presence of a witness. The other essential document that a company need to have is the memorandum of association which contain the names and signatures of the subscribers who wish to form the company. The document is essential since it clearly outlines the objectives of the company and its relation with other investors. The choice of registration process at depends on the preference of the proprietors, for instance, there are those that will prefer visiting the registrar of companies offices to submit the documents, on the other hand, others will be comfortable going through the registration process at the comfort of their offices by submitting the documents on online platforms using the registrar of companies website.

The registrar of companies permit the formation of the following types of com[anise including public limited companies, unlimited companies, private limited company, limited liability partnership, limited partnership, community interest company, among others.

Company formation hong kong has numerous benefits, some of which include the following. First and foremost companies offer limited liability protection to their owners. The great thing about limited liability protection is that the owners are not responsible for any liabilities and debts of the company. Creditors cannot use the company owners’’ personal property in paying for the debts since the proprietor’s properties legally considered to be different from the business assets.

The other advantage of forming a company is that a company will be in a better position to create credibility with potential customers, employees, vendors and partners. Ownership of a company can be easily transferred from one person or group to another. Corporation have easier access to capital than other types of businesses such as partnership. Banks and other financial institutions are willing to issue financial assistance to corporations than to individuals.

A corporation has unlimited life since its existence does not depend upon its owners. On the other hand, corporation do gain tax advantages including deductible health insurance premiums, savings on self-employment taxes. For more references, visit

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