While it won’t be news to people who work day-to-day in information and cyber security, it’s nonetheless worth reiterating: a massive 77% of enterprises lack a cyber-security incident response plan, and only half of executives comprehend that cyber-resilience affects their brand and reputation.

What is interesting is the correlation between theses figures and a recent report from Diligent Corporation conducted with Forrester Consulting, which revealed that 56% of company directors use personal email for their board communications, making them prime targets to falling victim to phishing and other cyber attacks that could harm both them and their firms.

Malicious actors…

Banks remain cyber-criminals’ prey of predilection. IBM X-Force Research (2017) revealed that the financial services sector was attacked more than any other industry in 2016, with the average financial institution experiencing 65 percent more attacks than the average client organisation across all industries.

  • The average number of breaches per organisation has more than tripled over the past five years, from 40 in 2012 to 125 in 2018;
  • The greatest impacts of cyber-breaches on financial services firms are business disruption and information loss, which together account for 87 percent of the cost to respond to cyber-crime incidents, with revenue loss accounting…

Up until very recently, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) were an altogether too-easy way for aspiring entrepreneurs — armed with a wish, a prayer and a whitepaper — to get their hands on unfeasible amounts of funding from mostly retail investors, who had their own dreams of getting richer than they could ever have hoped using more conventional methods.

There have been commentators calling out this phenomenon as a modern-day tulip frenzy, and others who likened it to the IPO bubble of the late ‘90s, which saw the NASDAQ soar to improbable heights only to come crashing down shortly thereafter, losing…

Unless you’re living in Ireland or are part of the Irish diaspora, you can be forgiven for not having heard of what has come to be known as the ‘Belfast rape trial’. But for people connected near or far to the Emerald Isle, news feeds have been full of coverage of the 9-week court hearing which ended in the acquittal of the four accused men who are, amongst other things, minor sporting celebrities who happen to play rugby for Ireland and the province of Ulster.

The legal process has run its course but judging by the street demonstrations and the…

Having lived in France for over twenty years, I have been rendered almost entirely numb to the display of breasts on advertising billboards, bus-stops and screens of all sizes, accompanying everything from yogurts to shower gels and cars. Breasts, it would seem, are the go-to tool of the ‘creative’ (read: ‘unimaginative’) advertiser.

And had I not become familiar with the wonderful Cindy Gallop and her tireless campaigning to get women elevated to the highest levels of responsibility in the advertising agencies of the world — outing in the process a harvest of ‘bad apples’ who have created and maintained a…

I care. She cares. Why don’t we all care?

Most people working far or near Fintech and innovation in banking will already have come across Leda Glyptis: a formidable intellect, the horsepower of which is matched only by her candor and humility.

I don’t personally know Leda, other than through her online presence — and just for the removal of doubt, nobody has asked me to plug her work or sing her praises. On that topic, I hope she won’t mind the fact that I am planning on doing precisely that. …

Anne Leslie

#Blockchain #Cyber #Privacy #WomenInTech. Irish by nature, French by decree. Learner. Mentor. Outspoken. Deep thinker. Fire-starter. Change-maker.

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