Find a Job and Get an Interview in the First 24 Hours — Using LinkedIn

When I was a hiring manager I worked with my Human Resources Reps and Recruiters to write job descriptions, post jobs and set interviews. I was always ‘chomping at the bit’ to get great candidates lined up for interviews right away.

Now, as a LinkedIn Trainer, Career and Executive Coach, I’m teaching and training job seekers how to Look Great, Be Found, Get Known, Make Meaningful and get interviews right away.

Last week, I got an email from one of my clients, in her words, “Anne, you rock — your LinkedIn strategies and tips were invaluable during my search. Sharing how to find a job that was posted in the first 24 hours helped me land an interview and my dream job. I start next week. I can’t thank you enough!”

Here are a few of my tips that have helped my clients get interviews fast:

1) Target Companies Using Industries — use LinkedIn to find the companies in the industries that you are targeting. My clients need to target five industries and 40 companies in each industry and follow those companies. Then they make an Excel spread sheet of the keywords from those companies / industries. Note, they also need to understand their values and target companies that match their values. Here is a list of values that my clients review. (People leave companies if your values don’t match the company values).

Find the down arrow next to the search box, I call it the “magic people box”. Click on companies. Type in the industries (manufacturing and location is Minneapolis) then click on Job Opportunities:

2) Search for Jobs by Date Posted — now click on the down arrow next to the ‘magic people box’ again and click on the word Jobs. Type in the title of the job that you are seeking. I typed in marketing manager. Click the ‘magic wand’ — the magnifying glass. Then scroll down and click the city that you are targeting. Scroll down and see Date Posted. Click on 1 day ago and see all the jobs posted that day. Get your LinkedIn profile and resume targeted and then apply for that job. (Note, I’m tracking 1500–3000 jobs are posting in Minneapolis weekly.)

3) Look Great Before You Apply — update your resume and LinkedIn profile to Look Great and tailor your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to each job. Use, or (get first 5 free, then paid service) to find the keywords.

4) Get a Sponsor — reach out to someone you know inside the company that you’re applying for before you apply. Find them by going to the Company Page on LinkedIn. Ask them if they would ‘sponsor’ or refer you for the position, or provide your targeted resume to the hiring manager or HR rep. I have found that you will be 60% more likely to get an interview, and the ‘sponsor’ may get a referral bonus.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes!

Be well, my friends,


Anne Pryor is Recognized as a Top 10 LinkedIn Trainer in the World, Career Coach, Certified Online Brand Strategies, Future Mapper, and Portfolio Careerist; she has trained over 80,000 people to leverage LinkedIn, personally written more than 7,770 LinkedIn profiles which have helped people manifest their desires, find great jobs, and make meaningful and profitable business connections. She enjoys soul painting and teaching Nordic walking.

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