What Exactly Does a Content Writer Do Each Day?

As my first post on Medium, I thought it’d be only right to show the world what I do on a daily basis at Titan Web Marketing Solutions. Fair warning: it’s not normal. But who likes being normal?

As part of your active job search, you’ve landed on a job description for a Content Writer. The description is intriguing, but, of course, you want to know more. What does the job entail? What would you do every day? What’s life like at that specific agency?

While I cannot speak for every agency or position, being a Content Writer at Titan Web Marketing Solutions means that every day is different, exciting, and most of all, fun.

As the Content Director at Titan Web Marketing Solutions, I can say that each day is truly one-of-a-kind. From writing a website to editing a video script, no two days are the same. Seriously, one day you’ll have a nerf dart flying by your head while writing a blog post, and the next you’re reorganizing the office for the purpose of creativity.

If you’ve ever wondered what a Content Writer does all day long, I’ve got your answer. Well, a brief, gif-filled answer. Disclaimer: tasks per day vary per agency, company, and amount of coffee or caffeinated beverage consumed.


I start each day with a sprint to the Keurig or French Press as soon as I walk through the door. As the sign on my desk says, “No Coffee. No Workee.”


I use a plethora of networks, applications, and tools to makes sure my work life isn’t too chaotic. First thing in the morning, I’ll make sure all of my calendars (including editorial), tasks, and social media posts are all scheduled and ready to go.

I Write. A Lot.

As you can imagine, you will be doing a lot of writing as a Content Writer. (Woah, right?)

On any given day, I write at least one or more of the following types of content for our clients:

  • Blogs
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Infographics
  • Slideshare Content
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Print Materials
  • Internal Documents
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Video Scripts
  • SEO Descriptions/Titles
  • Last Minute Random Projects
  • You Name It, I Write It

I’m often asked, “How long does it take to write -insert specific type of content here-?”

While I answer with a rough estimate, my answer is never the same. Certain client projects take longer than others due to the nature of their needs and industry.

With that said, one of my favorite aspects of being a Content Director is the fact that I’m not stuck writing the same thing every day. On any given day, I could write about wedding cakes, landscaping, legal defense, SEO, arcade games, dogs; the list goes on forever! However, I have to say that writing for a custom bakery takes the cake. I’ll work on the puns.


Another disclaimer: I’m only this brutally honest when editing my own work. Otherwise, I’m just honest.

I’m not a godsend. (Although, my dad’s name is Joseph and my mom’s name is Mary…but that’s a story for another day).

While I may be the go-to in-house writer, I cannot write everything perfectly the first time. In fact, this is the third draft of this blog post. The previous two were pure crap — trust me.

I have a personal process for writing. It’s quite similar to Ann Handley’s process outlined in this amazing infographic! Part of that process includes lots and lots of editing.

Some prefer to edit their content on the computer. Personally I rely on my trusty red pen to get the job done. I may look like a school teacher, but it helps me visualize my edits and errors.


Approving the final product of a project is a scary task — my task.

Whether someone is sending a print material off to the printer or is about to launch an entire campaign, I am responsible for ensuring that there are no errors whatsoever. While it’s a daunting task, it is the most critical responsibility I have. If I screw up, and no one else catches the error, a price will be paid. Specifically, the price of an entire print marketing order or PPC campaign.

Nerf Gun Wars

Should you choose to join the team of terrific Titans, you will be subjected to frequent Nerf gun wars. It’s inevitable.

Coffee. Yes, Again.

No matter what I am doing, if I don’t have my liquid gold… the world will end.

Creative Conversations

When we start a website design project, the Creative Director and I sit down with the new client to learn more about their business, discuss their goals, and discover their thoughts on the creative side.

While you may think that a Content Writer just writes all day, I can assure you that we do far more. Meeting with new and current clients is a large portion of the job.

I meet with clients on a regular basis to discuss items such as the results of their latest campaign and any upcoming blog posts.

In addition to meeting with clients, I am also responsible for communicating with the client via email, a phone call, or their preferred method of communication. As a Content Writer, client communication is key.

Enjoying the Company of Office Pets

Yes, you read that right.

At Titan Web Marketing Solutions, we allow employees to bring their pets into the office. I personally have a dog and a hedgehog who frequent the office often. Having pets in the office improves our overall creativity, productivity, and desire to take Instagram pictures of adorable puppies.

“Hey! Can you…?”

Writers hear this phrase all the time. No matter how it is manipulated, someone is always looking for your help. Why? Because, believe it or not, writing isn’t for everyone (crazy, I know).

While you may feel like doing this:

Remember, your exceptional writing talents are a great benefit to your coworkers and the overall success of your agency.

Coffee. Duh.

You see the trend, right?

The Inevitable Meeting

At Titan Web Marketing Solutions, we do our best to keep the meetings to a minimum. Except, of course, for our weekly company meeting. Each week we all gather to discuss open projects, next steps, and any important company news such as hiring new individuals and when the next Chipotle lunch is.

No Day But Today

Excuse the Rent reference.

I’m often asked, “What is a typical day like?”, “What do you actually do as a Content Director”, and “So, do you really just write all day long?”

No day is ever the same. Sure, I’ll be writing for the same mediums (blogs, websites, etc.), but what I am writing changes from day to day.

I love my job. From the endless coffee to the Nerf gun battles, to the infinite amount of editing I have to complete, to dealing with eclectic creatives such as this one:

Moral of the story: I enjoy being a Content Director at Titan Web Marketing Solutions. Endless shenanigans + the opportunity to create spectacular content = world’s greatest job.

Originally published at www.titanwebmarketingsolutions.com.

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