Online presence. (Notes from the lesson with Oli )

Build up your presence across internet platforms. (Change your instagram from private to open.)

Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Website

Buisness cards : (Oli uses), Vista Print (Predominantly name, website and a picture of an image representing the work you want to do ) Could have several different designs.

Think about how you going to brand yourself (Simpler the better)

Only use a logo if its going to be consistantly used.

Look at photographers who are doing what you want to do. (Look at image retouchers, wedding photographers/ event photographers.)

Look at who websites are made by.

Join Linked in, Tumblr.

On website include wether you are self represented.


Wedding photographer: Ryan Welch.

Cinematic photographers: Alex Bailey.

Look up Nadav Kandar

Tearsheets; Where has your work existed in the real world. (Publications) It shows how and where you have worked and it shows the client that you can produce high enough quality images that they can be made for print.

Look at photographers agents (People who represent photographers)

Reaserch and cross research (Who are photographers clients and how did they get them, Use AOP)



Square space

Wix (Currently using)

Photoshelter (Currently moving my website onto this platform)

Cargo Collective (Perfect student website)



Carbonmade (Delete old website!)



Its important to research other photographers to see how they are presenting themselves.

Look up Panos Pictures. Next Wednesday Ed will be talking about copyright and legal things.

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