Pricing and contracts for weddings!


This is by far the number one problem most photographers have deciding on, although, it’s probably one of the simplest things to figure out.

READ PRICING by Stacy Reeves.

If you want to be a fulltime wedding photographer you need to know how much you need to make to pay all of your bills, buy groceries, run a business, shoot a wedding, and pay taxes, etc. If you want to make a profit, add those figures up and add on how much you want. Anything less is asking for financial failure for your business. If you’re doing weddings part-time, you can afford to charge less but the math still needs to be done to make sure your time isn’t wasted.


Taxes are the elephant in the room. Everyone knows its there but doesn’t want to talk about it. From the time you start offering services make sure you are staying on top of your taxes. Hire a CPA to help you with your taxes and give you advice on how you should plan for taxes.


Build a contract with a lawyer. Both you AND your clients must be protected incase of unforeseen events. U + a Lawyer = the perfect contract for OUR business. Don’t just pull something from the Internet. If you do, only use it as a reference point and always have a lawyer finalize contract details for you. (around 2 pages long)

DO NOT shoot a wedding without a contract.

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