Social Media …

Social Media platforms I have been utilising to promote my work.

I have been using social media to try and create a following for my work and get my name out there. Its been a slow steady trickle of interest but it has helped me get in contact with a dance tutor who is interested in me photographing lessons and potentially selling prints to the parents of students.

Contact with ‘Becky Dance’ company.

As my ultimate goal is to have an image retouching business I have come to terms with the fact that I will need to do a lot of freelance work before this happens. Living in Cornwall doesn’t present a lot of job opportunities for me so after being approached by someone wanting me to photograph their wedding I offered to do it for free as it will be my first wedding shoot. If all goes well and I enjoy this type of photography I am thinking of doing this to create a form of income after university while I build up contacts and a Image Retouching portfolio.

Making arangements for my first wedding shoot.

Other things I need to do:

  • Create a business card.
  • Figure out a system for selling prints to clients of Becky Dance (How will they veiw and pick images.)
  • Finish Editing my first shoot from Becky Dance and ask her to write a testimonial.
  • Reaserch into creating a buisness.
  • Reaserch into image retouching.
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