Talk from Laura Smith currator at Tate St Ives.

Works at tate St. Ives

What Laura does:

She is responsible for a program of solo and group exhibitions in the gallerys anything from artists who are dead , in its simplist form it is like picking from a catalouge. Through to working with young artists to comission new work. Working with galleries who represent arists or estates(people who have died that are represented by their family)

Look up Aquatopia Exhibition. Took 10 years.

She's been working on a project for 2018 that shes already been working on for two years. They make a wishlist of art they want, find out where the art is and who made them ect. They slowly edit it down by looking at things such as cost location, the list goes from 600–200. They make tiny floor plans on paper and move it around untill they have a coherent exhibition. takes 6 months they then present it to the rest of the team to talk about exhibition costs ect. They then talk to marketing teams . It takes 3 weeks to take work down and 2 weeks to put new work up.


Artists come to St.Ives they rent out a studio (1month-6month) You don’t have to make a book exhibition, get help from the team, the only real demand is doing a talk at falmouth.

Look up Lucy Stein

They have a team of learning curators, who are involved with the exhibition process but they organise workshops and talks that go alongside the exhibition (Sounds quite interesting.)

Shes currently looking at , very sort after Paul goganning.(Not sure of spelling)

She has to go to london once a month to meet with Tate london, she always reads all the reveiws of exhibitions and will try and see everything going on in London when shes there. (Start doing this in relation with my own area of interest.)

She did a BA in Fine Art in Glasgow, She was making her own work and was more interested in her classmates work she’d create pop up exhibitions. She worked with the council to find dissused space and gave for free or rented the space to students. (She learns what goes into it ie. Flyers posters, contacting press, alcohol sponsorship) She moved to falmouth and did an Ma ,part time , while she did that she was a waitress and did an internship at plymouth art centre. She collaborated with a freind to create a bigger exhibition. (Applied for an arts council fund, people with experience) The exchange in penzance, She didnt think it was a great show but it was a good learning curve. She then did a MA Curating in London.

Goldsmiths MA = Earning more, selling and working with comercial works.

She Worked on an exhibtion as an assistant currator showing Hatian art.

Go to as many things as possible, organise as many things as possible, meet people at events.
Don’t cold email images, build up a relashonship.
If you organise anything try and piggyback it on other things.
Atleast 3 spaces in plymouth that do postgraduate stuff. Karst.
Apply for residencies ,

The Elephant Trust (Source of funding)

Simon Baker (Curator)

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