The lost infrastructure of social media.
Anil Dash

The most damaging and over-looked piece of functionality that threatens the idea of the open web, in my opinion, is how difficult it is now to track the source url of images and content posted on e.g. Facebook and Twitter.

This has made it much harder to credit and acknowledge original authorship. It’s made it difficult to seek out, accredit and connect with people on that basis. It’s blown a hole in the idea that conversations are markets. And it’s put the people power that was originally intended to be at the heart of the social web onto to the backburner. That has been disenfranchised in favour delivering networked supremacy through walled garden content.

There’s also the damage this does to fact-checking. The post-truth reality we’re living in today has, arguably, also been fuelled by it.

If we could do something about this, we’d have an entirely different social infrastructure available to us.