“Are you finish crying???”

As a woman we are emotionally made to cry. If we are happy, sad, excited, overjoyed, even scared. No matter what the situation is sometimes some of us tend to open the flood gates and cry. But that is not always a good thing. Sometimes we can be perceived as being emotionally unstable. I’m pretty sure you have felt like this about at least one of your friends. It can also make you or the people around you depressed. Let me share with you about my friend Nikki who cried about everything. Nikki’s husband after seven years and 3 kids had fallen out of love with her and he had decided he was going to leave her. Now being any faithful Christian woman this would have been heart breaking. She stayed home for weeks. Nikki acted as tho she had given up on God until one day her mother went by to check on her. Before Nikki could get a word out her mom asked Are you finish crying?” When life knocks you down you can’t just lay there. Your first move is to your knees. To thank God for the position he has placed you in. Because when you’re down you have no place to go but up. The second is to stand up brush yourself off and listen to where God says your next move will be. Its time out for the pity party. Some of us have children to raise. Jobs to go to. Households to run. Church ministries to attend. So stopping is definitely not an option. Just think about this for a minute. If Jesus had decided to stop the world would still be lost. And all of us would have a one way ticket to hell. Stamped no exchanges and no refunds. So what your husband left. He might not have been what God had for you anyway. Perhaps you chose him and not He chose you. Your not the first woman who’s husband has left and if you keep living you won’t be the last. But during this time. Let me advise you as Nikki’s mom did her and as my mom also did me, take this time for yourself. To work on you and meditate with God on how to fix you. See you wouldn’t go to the store and buy something already broken would you? Well God is not going to send Mr. Right window shopping for you if your all torn up, messed up and beat up. So let me ask you again are you finish crying?????