Yesterday I went to see my GP. My left wrist has been extremely painful. When I pushed my pain pills out of their blister pack, the pain was so bad a screamed. The irony isn’t lost on me.

As I expected, the doctor can do nothing for me. He cautioned against the use of splints as these would only make my wrist weaker and in truth, I haven’t found them particularly helpful anyway. His only advice was exercise. It’s the only advice I get nowadays. I am trying to walk more, but when you’re in so much pain it’s hard to make yourself. I can’t stand for more than a couple of minutes without my back screaming at me and walking is always a challenge but I AM doing my best to work through the pain.

I asked him why I seem to be so prone to tendon problems and he said that there is a body of thought that fibromyalgia comes in different ‘flavours.’ Some people may get swollen, painful joints;some may have swollen muscles; some, like me, have a tendency to sprain and strain tendons. My fibro seems to be a mix of the muscles and tendons variety.

So, it’s wrist strengthening exercises for Nettie and a wander round the garden. What has your doctor suggested for you? Is there anything you can recommend? Do you have a particular ‘flavour’ or fibro or are you an all-rounder? I’d love to hear from you.