“Boosting Productivity: XTech for Industry”

Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Location: City View Metreon; San Francisco, CA
Event: XTech

Tom Emrich: Partner at Super Ventures (VC firm)

Shauna Heller: Founder of Clay Park VR
Suman Kanuganti: CEO of Aira
Michael Leyva: Product Manager and AR for Epson
Danielle Dy Buncio: President of VIATechnik
Nabil Chehade: VP of Engineering at Atheer

Helps solving problem for tourists, manufacturing, construction, and visually impaired
-Saving $3billion a year by using VR.

Wearing VR and using AR can’t be heavy and take away from productivity.
How to get people to wear it for work use. 
Hardware and software on serve both AR and VR devices. 
Use cases can target both uses of AR and VR.

What are the solutions?
-AR but technology exists; creating for information ques.
-Building a display for features and basic.
-Wearable glasses but not at scale with the use of the HoloLens. Hardware needs to beyond construction hardhats.

Hardware features:
People are loving the distribution channel and hand controllers. They can have an immersive experience with enterprise use.
Education and entertainment space.
No one is building encoding built in the camera for the application.
Pilot projects and working with the people to learn to where to improve, fit and comfort.
Safety in general and make waterproof requirements for jobs, including nuclear safety.
In VR, people hate people tethered with cords attached. The future to make it wireless. Hardware limitations and build applications around to make it feasible so people don’t give up.
User experience with AR operating to ex., Wi-Fi, to make easier to use. Gestures and interactions. Weight and connectivity.
Design to use in multiple environments.

Roll outs — deployments: 
Era of the pilot program. Enterprise, education, and other meaningful use. 
Some people are taking 360 video for marketing.
Museum market in Europe.
Consumer selling thru DJI
1000’s of dentists are using the 3D cap model
Growth of sign-up where even small companies want to try it out!
In the AR side, has been in beta form; the punch-less form at the end of a construction process.
In VR, it’s for profit with end users.

Actual stories with AR and VR enterprise, impact:
Driving in value in specific industries — ex. Home Depot
Integration with IoT
Mobile a precursor for the next wave