“Did I Just Get Threatened?”

Oh, yes, I did! I tried to make amends but instead I get threatened! The other person calls me to tell me that they’re getting a restraining order against me because I called. Truthfully, I didn’t call them and of course they automatically accuse me since my number is blocked. Well, I hope pretty boy is forced to leave and is killed by ruthless people where they came from! Hey, it’s only fair! Besides, they don’t know my full name, address, and my birthday, so they can’t follow through with that!

I’ve had so many ex flings threaten me with harassment and restraining orders when in fact, I should just sue ALL of them since it was THEM who reached out to me in the first place! I tend to let things go because I’m an easy-going person who doesn’t let most things bother me. It’s called adulting that I can handle petty issues! Besides, it cost money to file a restraining order and since they don’t have information about me, they can’t do it plus they don’t have the money to do so!

The person was angry when THEY called me. They accused me of calling them when I surely haven’t because I was doing some other things and working. When the person and I were supposed to be friends and work something out, instead it took a turn for the worse. They really hate me because I am right and they are wrong and they know it. This is common in men who ALWAYS deny being in the wrong over women or another man. Men are extremely stubborn and they ONLY seek out naïve women and men to be friends with and date, since they usually won’t question their demonic behavior.

At the beginning of the week, there looked to be some hope to rekindle the friendship but by the next day, it was obvious it backtracked for the worse. The person’s stubborn ways got the best of them and they feel the need to justify their wrong as the right. As women who grew up in New York and in the southern states, I put up a fight until I win! I have had several personal battles that have been on a long break even though I felt like I had lost. Just as in the sport of boxing, it only takes one good hit to knock a person so hard they are unconscious! Whenever that person awakens, they’ll realize they lost and will have to suffer knowing that they’re the loser!

Honestly, some people are just pure idiots. You’d think that someone who doesn’t have anything will be humble and accept proper advice. But it’s to their own stupidity that they’re cocky and are selfish. I don’t wish anything good for them, I only wish for their life to spiral down even more, so that they will learn their lesson to take on my advice and a few others they’ve since rejected! The only person that needs to change is this person their own self. It doesn’t help that some of the people they associate with in their private life are idiots too, and to acknowledge that on their end will be impossible!

I tried, I just tried to help them when and where I can. I know what it’s like to lose everything and be without. Who knows how much other people will put up with their antics or if they’ll just abandon them due to their selfishness. I only hope that the latter happens to them to teach them a lesson about life, trust, and who one’s real friends are. I already know that their life isn’t going to well, yet they deny it because they’re too prideful to face that truth.

Part of me will always have a part of them in my heart, but it’s the person’s personality that I am frustrated with. I am irritated with their irrationality and ego. I can’t change them. The few people in their life are annoyed with him and conflicted with either getting rid of them or continue to put up with them. If it were my so-called friend or family member, I’d have no choice but to get rid of them from my home and my life! I do not tolerate any grown adult who refuses to get their life in order!

I feel like I wasted my life on this person. I wasted my love for them. I wasted my heart for them. I wasted spending time for them. They didn’t make time for me unless they were forced to. They were never once chivalrous towards me. They never cared for me and anyone else. They don’t honestly love their own self because if they did, they’d take my help and make something better of what they have which is nothing. Sadly, I know that it would just be better that they vanish from being around they’ve ever made friends a life in. They don’t deserve to be alive since they don’t love anyone or anything other than money. You can’t have money unless you work hard for it. Even a thief works hard to steal it since no one will merely hand it over to them out of kindness.

Overall, a discussion a friend and I had, is this: if the other person isn’t pulling more than half their weight in the beginning, don’t expect them to pull 10% or even 20% down the road when times get rough. No relationship will ever be a complete 50/50. The minimum that a person is allowed is 30 to 40% when there’s a crisis or a surprised emergency, ONLY! If a partner only contributes to ten percent or less, then it’s best to not be with that person!

(When the sun sets, then we need to reset our lives for the next day to start over.)