Jobless with a Degree, Part 2

So I had another discussion recently with the owner of a tech recruiting firm based in San Francisco. The conversations are ongoing, but there’s still the issue regarding why people who’ve spent many years getting an education in America or other prominent institutions around the world, are still unemployed. The recruiters are foreigner themselves, so they’re very well aware of the stigma that arises regarding dress and grooming for a job interview.

Different companies have different policies regarding the interview process for any job, especially in tech. With some recruiting firms, they actually go out of their way to interview such candidates several times before meeting with the actually company they’ve been offered a position with. The unemployed yet educated people, usually fail in their interview process with the recruiting firms before they meet with the companies that are hiring. Why are these candidates failing? It’s a variety of things.

A person who goes into a job interview smelling disgusting as if they haven’t showered, yet they have a shower facility where they live, is an immediate red flag! Tech jobs don’t require people to be in a suit, but when in an interview, it’s best to appear clean! While so many tech people say that they want to be like Mark Zuckerberg, the difference between those who are jobless and him is that he appears clean in his usual simple attire due to being color blind.

A person’s exterior image can say a lot about their work ethics. If how they look and carry themselves isn’t pleasing to the eyes but rather sour, then any potential employer wouldn’t want those people in their workplace. It doesn’t matter what our race, age, and gender we are, having a slumped over appearance when applying for a job makes it look like a person isn’t honestly eager enough to finally be employed.

Another process an applicant is having to endure is having a psychological evaluation. Most people can’t pass a psych evaluation due to their stubbornness to work alongside others. Just because people have obtained a Master’s Degree or a doctorate, they don’t have social skills. Also, another problem is that these people have terrible spelling and grammar skills. Whomever from the schools are giving these people a degree, should be immediately fired since the so-called graduates lack basic skills.

Young people, especially, have been purposely living in a dungeon like environment. They’ve been able to live like this, thanks to the convenience of the Internet. For some, they can’t live that way for long since many are going to other countries for job opportunities. They have to leave their current place of residency and look for employment so that they can continue to have housing. The people who are foreigners to the country they’re currently residing in, have to deal with visa issues, so they’re forced to go look for a job.

It’s not just an issue with young people, but with ALL types of people who choose to live in their own filth! Presentation is key, and what all of those who are currently looking for employment have failed to notice that their exterior is the very first impression a recruiter and employer will see and notice. Just because some people have come from poverty, doesn’t mean they have to look like it. Just because, someone has had a rough life, doesn’t give them the excuse to show that side of themselves! There is work out there, anywhere you go. While people may still qualify with their ability and/or skills, their physical appearance and demeanor will be the deciding factor if they’ll ever get hired to a job. A person doesn’t have to be wearing expensive clothes, they just have to look and smell clean!

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