Security Has Been…

The latest information in which the American authorities are trying to get the Silicon Valley based company, Apple, to break into the phones of recent terrorists has many people in heated debates. For the authorities to impose a law that was created well over two hundred years ago that would give them reason to do so is absurd! Authorities are unaware that there are other ways that they could and even can unencrypt the phones of the terrorists rather than harass a company that has more money than them. The problem to this issue, is that as someone such as myself who is a former government employee, the government just doesn’t have the correctly appointed persons who are capable to hack into information systems. The best people for the job are actually against the government! Governments large and small don’t have the funds to allow IT to be able to crack encryptions and hack into data and definitely don’t know how to hire for that type of position!

If Apple is being threatened, who knows which other companies are also being targeted by the authorities. The problem that the American authorities is targeting Apple, is because it’s one of the most successful businesses that started in America in recent times. If the terrorists had a Samsung phone, then authorities would have to contact the headquarters in South Korea, which the American government can’t afford to go into war with another country. Does Apple have to comply? The answer is in the gray, for it’s a yes and no. The majority of those who identify as part of the Arab/Muslim community, only own and have Apple products since the main founder, Steve Jobs, is of Arab origin by default but due to being adopted as an infant by Caucasian Americans, he never identified as an Arab, only as an American. All over various news organizations on television, in newspapers, and on the Internet, the Muslims terrorists wave their iPhones as they embark to terrorize cities all over the world. Hardworking and humble Muslims are being under attack, usually by white people in the communities they live in, as they’re accused to participate in such an uproar they personally want nothing to be part of.

A good computer programmer knows how to decipher any device without being caught. They know how to gain access to any information in any company in any country around the world. Governments are in extreme financial debt due to so many able bodied people being on welfare and refusing to work only relying on governments handouts provided by the hardworking people in the community. Governments do not have the funds to afford new or just better equipment to help solve crimes. If the American government honestly hired the right people as seen in movies, they would have already been able to access the phones of the terrorists without harassing Apple.

In the end, our personal information is in crisis since anyone can and will access it even when we are the innocent ones. Our security is in jeopardy and no one is safe from the random acts of violence from terrorists and our own government. It doesn’t matter what country or which that we live in, everyone is being targeted since government leaders and those in charge of the authority organizations don’t know when and where the next act of violence will take place. Are we safe? No one is safe when security has been breached.

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