I Am

I am a flapping silver shimmering fish
caught on a hook by my own desire,
seduced by the flashy party girl fly.

in my suddenly open heart

A frantic slim jumping jewel
not yet surrendered to the deadly barb
that tears the glistening pink inner life of my mouth.
I am a slick bulging- eyed flipping fish,
stunned by the height of my sudden arc
into the brilliant blue-sky death flight
then slammed as glitter flesh
stomped into bloodless death
by the ugly boot of the fisherman.
I am not the dull lifeless fish body
waiting on the flat coffin wood
next to the weeping daughter.
I am the quicksilver burst of soul light
at the end of the breathing fight.
The bliss of the ocean hidden
in my suddenly open heart.

From The Glass Train by ©annie fahy
Amherst Writers and Artists Press 2017