We are never going to live in a society which is 100% able-bodied and working-age.
Romie Stott

I think 2x salary is extreme though — something like 1.1x should work and if Auntie Em loses her job, her sisters and brothers and parents and children each chip in a little. (And, if Auntie Em doesn’t have sisters and brothers and parents and children, or Auntie Em is a jerk whose family doesn’t want to help her, then will the world really miss Auntie Em?)

I think the fundamental difference of opinion is I think have the right to try to live without someone taking that away from me (i.e., the right not to be killed or injured), but that’s about it — I don’t feel I have a right to food or shelter or healthcare or the requirements to live. I think that’s a huge ask to put on a stranger.

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