Don’t Send Coats, Don’t Donate Copies of ‘Fifty Shades’
Nicole Dieker

Rant about Marie Kondo-ing* ahead:

The answer is, you don’t get rid of it. Either 1) it still functions but is no longer new or trendy (it doesn’t spark nearly as much joy as when I bought it 8 months ago!), in which case, get over it and keep it like the responsible adults we are (and don’t buy more until it’s truly worn out); 2) sell it (in the case of my seasonal cycle of fat pants/ skinny pants I size out of while they’re still new enough to sell); 3) give it away if it’s something charities specifically request and it’s in good condition (see again, nice dress pants I have either jogged or pizza’d out of); or 4) toss it, because if it’s not 1–3 above, you should feel no shame in tossing something truly worn out out. I have to yell at myself this way whenever I’m seasonally switching out my closets and want to get rid of things.

*who I admittedly have not read, in case I am getting her theory way off

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