Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

All this is about hate, and not being able to tell the truth from a lie. The times we live in, all secrets and lies will become known. So to throw as much shit on the walls and see what sticks, well, that is mastery. Because people dont see things clearly when they hate. It is exclusive- you put all your problems on to someone else & then blame them. Reality is that you always have a part in what is going on, you can always make changes that affect the outcome. But these Americans hated that Hillary had it all- including a husband that loved her so much he would take a back seat and SUPPORT HER- that they had to make her to blame.

So the haters were ripe for the weaponized information that Putin spewed out thru Trump & company- they WANTED a reason why Hillary WASNT as good as she seemed, couldnt be as upstanding & intelligent as she had proven again and again thru her 30 years of public service to better mankind. If she cheated, well, that explains it. She isnt better than them, she had more advantages and lied her way to the top.

I worked in corporate life, and was surrounded by Republicans for most of my life. I believe there are 2 kinds of people in the world: those that lie because they believe everyone lies so its okay to do it, and those that don’t lie (though they may spin the story at times). Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, there are people who NEVER LIE. Then the GOP liek Reagan, Nixon, W. Bush, and probably elder Bush, they lie because everyone lies, so its okay. (Reagan had the CIA SELLING CRACK COCAINE INTO California. He pretty much STARTED CRACK use, meanwhile he had a “War on Drugs”. I cant believe more people arent really upset about that. There are still people IN JAIL because they were arrested for Reagan’s crack. It is a travesty of the HIGHEST ORDER. IT KILLED PEOPLE.) Nixon, well, Nixon had Watergate, and alot of other stuff we KNOW ABOUT because he taped everything. He also hated Jews and Blacks. W. Bush had the lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction so he could support his friends that wanted to sell arms & keep cheap oil flowing. Bush outed a CIA agent when her husband tried to tell the truth about Iraq not having weapons. AGAIN, people died. 1 MILLION INNOCENT Iraq’s died in W.’s Iraq war. Plus all the people who have died since.

People see others as they are. The Republicans that lie believe everyone lies, and so believe Democrats lie.( I am being simplistic here, I know some democrats lie, and maybe, though I have never known one, some Republicans tell the truth).

The TRUTH is out there. What we have to figure out is how to get people out of VICTIM mode, hating on others. Realize that they have ownership of the issues, and the power to change things. That the person they really hate is the one they see in the mirror. Because that’s what projection is. You see others like you are.