Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

I never saw Bernie as a saint, and think he was an opportunist for running as a Dem but still saying he was an independent. He had no foreign policy experience. You can see the moment when he stopped being there to lead a movement & was appearing in front of crowds because his ego was born. His ego won’t let him stop being in the spotlight, or give the stage to someone who could actually help the country. He didnt raise a penny for the DNC while Hillary raised MILLIONS. Yet Bernie expected the same treatment. WTF?? I dont see how everyone didnt see that.

Hillary knows how to triangulate- to make deals that everyone gets some of what they want and we move ahead as a nation. To me, she was inspirational, because I KNOW how hard it was for her to do what she did as a woman. She cleared the trail that many women now enjoy and think it has always been there. Those women are the ones who need to stand up for Planned Parenthood or they may find out what it was like before abortion was legal & women died from botched abortions daily. It is now their fight. I think these women take are progress, meager as it is, to lightly.

Bernie just likes the limo rides and the sound of his own voice.

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