I agree in concept but not everything that matters is energy.
Richard Palmquist, DVM GDVCHM CCHVM

The first thing that comes to mind when I read your answer is what the angels told me when we first started working together: words are inadequate. When I channel, many times they send me a “bundle” of knowing- the feeling of the essence of the situation, perhaps words overheard being said, flashes of pictures or even videos. But after they do that, I will know what the situation is, as if I have just watched a 3 hour movie on the subject told in absolute truth. It is both amazing and humbling. It is amazing how supported we are, that we simply have to ask to have our needs met by spirit. Channelling has helped me slow down my own thoughts to see what emotions and past beliefs are functioning & perhaps clouding the present moment. It also amazes me you can connect with all that information, that nothing is secret.

We live in dicotomy. While words are inadequate, our lives or also created by our thoughts & words. Bernie Siegel, the oncologist who created the first cancer support groups stated that he could tell what type of cancer a patient had by the words they used. Everything starts in the spiritual emotional body and moves into the physical body. Words have different meanings to different people, yet they also have an emotional “hit” on them. THat is why the Secret life of Water had malignant crystals when words ugly, retarded, ect. were used.

I would really love to hear your insight into the Fear No Evil book. I have worked with it for years, and it has made me aware of what the guides are working on behind the scenes. What we came here to do. They state that everything is made from love. They also talk alot about the unaccepted part of people that they don’t want to let go of because they are afraid that is who they really are. I do a poor job of talking about it. I like channeled information because it is usually a higher vibration. Even if you dont comprehend it, the energy of it is higher & iifts you to connect with the higher vibrations. We are connected to others who vibrate at the same level that we do- in the next spiritual plane there is no distance. That is why I can find lost pets on the phone with their owners in Australia, England or Canada from here in Tucson.

I have not thought about energy as a separate force; it seems like everything is made of energy- look at the molecule and its electrons- the building blocks of matter. I know when beings are earthbound, they have no energy so feed on that of others, and lack of energy creates illness. Much of the pain in the world happens from people giving up their power, wanting someone else to make their decisions. We are here to make our own choices, and spirit will not interfere with that. That is why I have to ASK the question before I get an answer from them.

Yes, I too love poetry. Fell for it deeply back in high school. In college my favorite book was Anne Sexton’s The awful rowing towards God. It took me 20 years to realize that the Awful Rowing could be “Happy progress”: how we couch things is what brings them to us. We do not have to be tortured. Life isnt supposed to be hard. But that is woven into the conversation of society~ that something being “hard” is good because you have to suffer & work for it. I prefer to make different choices these days. I chose joyous!

The best thing I do all day is channel beings in heaven. That joy! How can we forget that JOY! In the pathwork books they say if you arent completely joyful every moment you still have spiritual work to do. That God loves us So MUCH he would not force us to be happy.