It’s the little things
Rocket Worley

This made me cry. I have done fosters for 4 years, and kept the sickest I had the first year. They would have died without me, and I stayed up all night with them several times. Buffy is healthy at 3, I lost Frankie a few months ago, and it hits me hard. Neither of them wanted to see other people, it makes them think of getting poked proded & hurt. Frankie would actually hide under the sheets & shake- Buffy peed herself when I tried to hold her for a visitor.

I currently have 6 foster kittens, much to the dismay of my other cats. I passed an article on the way to yours, how to become a millionare. I didnt read it. THis may sound crazy, but when I am saving cats, I feel like I am doing something important. Their love & their need is so pure.

I believe these cats & dogs come with a reason. I am an animal communicator, and every dog I have ever had came to their human with a purpose. THey do not come randomly into our lives. We could stop the killing in shelters tomorrow if we banded together. These animals come to teach us love, to love us beyond measure and we throw them away like garbage. I believe they exist for us to make a choice: to chose love instead of fear, to live in the moment instead of piling up $$ that they will never use.

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