In that instant…

A light goes on inside her

As he chews a practised smile

She flushes like she hasn’t

In a long while

As they turn away their eyes

A gaze down in unison

Between them known desire lies

A promise



Inside she’s staggering

Her pulse is rushing

Scents and signs

Blood as wine

Her cheeks flashing

Around them slows

Sound ebbs it’s flow

Time smears





In that instant…

A Universe away he watches

Sat across the room

His gaze hollow

Heart fallow

A sudden deadened tune

Permutations sinking

Paranoia captures thinking

All the times they could have met

Inside his soul a frost sets

Dark scenes playing

Fears braying

He stamps down on the whisperings

That fill his hidden bones

Shakes his head internally

& pretends to hide inside his phone

She returns with drinks

Not knowing he had seen

Excited and refreshed

By the frisson of what’s been

They speak a sort of silence then

Worlds so far apart

Struggling bored conversation

Pouring words from emptied hearts

Separate in their bed

I see them laying soon

To wonder how the living

Go about getting exhumed

All seen in an instant

from my place behind the bar

Another madrigal emotive

One more Sunday's dance macabre

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