Robot Wars YouTuber cross-over ends in tragedy

Scenes became ugly as the crowd sought a better view of Marcus’ body

When Annotations Off! first heard about the new series of Robot Wars, we were understandably excited.

Few things are more joyous than a procession of nerds smashing their flimsy lawnmower/deckchair creations into each other before being mercilessly, ruthlessly crushed by Sergeant Bash.

Except with the introduction of YouTubers and assorted other minor celebrities!

We couldn’t have been more pumped when we learned Marcus Butler would be joining the Celebrity Robot Wars ranks along with S Club 7’s Tina Barrett, ex-Premier League footballer Robbie Savage, famous technophobe Tom Hanks and, for some reason, Dave Benson-Phillips from ’90s CBBC classic Get Your Own Back.

Marcus was as excited as we were

That anticipation was only fueled when we saw TomSka’s action sketch, which pitted him against a weirdly self-aware Sir Killalot in what can only be described as a video.

Look, it’s a video

Suitably whipped up into a palpable, throbbing lather, we watched in a heady mix of awe and joy as Marcus strode confidently into the arena, manfully fighting off TerrorHurtz and Behemoth before finally succumbing to Hypnodisc, which efficiently and expertly relieved him of his lower legs.

The House Robots made short work of Butler as they deposited him in the pit, leaving only a smattering of him on the arena floor, much to the horror of commentator Jonathan Pearce, whose usually informative narration had become little more than a series of squeals.

You can see the destruction for yourself

Before hosts Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon could restore some semblance of order, thousands of subscribers broke down the perimeter barriers and descended on the arena, gathering up as much of Marcus as they could.

Butler’s biographer Alain de Botton captured the resulting scene. Below is an excerpt from his upcoming authorised biography:

The cortége, 2 miles long, left St Giles for The Strand in London at 11:45 AM, and, moving forward inch by inch through dense masses of humanity, reached the Thames river, two miles away, at 4:20 PM. One million and a half marched and a further million watched. Branches of London’s splendid shade trees bent under the weight of persons who had climbed up on them to get a better view. The base of the big monument of Nelson, which stands in the middle of Trafalgar Square, was covered with hundreds of Subscribers who had waded through the crowds.
Now and then the voices of Gurus, Gamers, Unboxers, and Vloggers mingled in loud shouts of “Marcus Butler ki jai” (Long Live Marcus Butler). At intervals the multitude broke into sacred chants while three Mavic Pros flew over the procession, dipped in salute and showered countless rose petals.

“To be honest, I thought it was a bit of weird project to begin with,” Dave Benson-Phillips told us as the crowds dispersed, some fiercely guarding what bits of Marcus they had managed to scavenge. “But then this is the first show I’ve ever done without gunge, so this is all new for me.”

We can’t wait for next week’s show!

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