We had some surly Vice writers watch Project: Library and most of them didn’t enjoy it

Vice writer Ellie Faux doesn’t know what art is

The YouTube community was left reeling today after it emerged a bunch of haughty, superior, achingly cool Vice writers had thumbed their nose at one of the greatest creative projects to grace the platform in recent history.

That’s right, we at Annotations Off were good enough to screen the entirety of Tim Hautekiet’s 2014 brilliant miniseries Project: Library at outrageous Dalston pop-up bar The Nyan Cat & Hubris.

I know, right!?

But despite our largess, we were greeted with the shrugs and sighs of acid-tongued, stony faced culture writers and the glazed, distant gazes only hardened ketamine users possess.

“I don’t know, man, I don’t much like Doctor Who. I’m more of a Narcos guy myself,” Vice staff writer Arkadius Nimrod told Annotations Off after the screening. “It just really speaks to me, y’know? The drugs? Who can’t relate?”

Project: Library wasn’t made for this guy, whether he writes for Vice or not

Stunned, contributor Ellie Faux told us it was “pure scenes”.

“To be honest though it was proper Palpatine, yeah? At the moment, I’m all about these narky Czech vegan lifestyle shows and this totally yabbed that vibe. It was live art terrorism.”

When told of the debacle, Tim H told Annotations Off he had “literally never heard of Vice”.