You won’t believe which YouTuber is collabing with Robert Mugabe

YouTube has always been a home for collaboration… A place to come together to produce exciting content for audiences of all ages.

Joe Sugg is making no exception to this rule, and he’s opened his arms to the current President of Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe.

A screen shot of Sugg’s latest video with the President
“I’m blown away by the kind response of the Zimbabwe government! I feel like I’ve been accepted as family.” — Joe Sugg

Sugg, 25, who recently rose to fame as Zoella’s brother; has been largely been reaching a 14–18 year-old teenage girl demographic. But a source close to the YouTube star revealed “things were getting too stale”.

The decision was made to collab with Mugabe after Sugg recently holidayed in Zimbabwe. After “frank” discussions in Mugabe’s private palace; a “British Boys Try Candy” video was filmed by a crew of over thirty Zimbabweans…

The boys holidaying in Mugabe’s private mansion

Joe Sugg has made it clear on Twitter that he hopes to film more videos with the infamous President. Here at Annotations Off we’ll keep our finger on the pulse… And bring you anymore breaking Dictator-YouTube Collabs the moment they go live!

“The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.” — Robert Mugabe