YouTube announce new animator weekend at London Space

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Once again, the kindly behemoths at Google have seen fit to reward their creators with an entire weekend of fun and games at the London YouTube Space. This time, the focus is on the community’s ever-valued animators, with the Animator Weekend Spooktacular taking place from October 28th-30th.

Entertainment on hand is said to include an ear-piercing gypsy, while refreshments vary from stainless steel and asbestos sandwiches to warm piss and Domestos cocktails. Several torture racks will be available with handy operators who have been trained in stretching out the bones, while every patron will be rewarded with a free mixture of ipecac and laxative upon entry. And of course, The Snapper will be running around the premises, ready to break the wrists and fingers of any unfortunate soul who dares to remain still for more than a fleeting moment.

Watch yourself in them bathrooms!

“We’re really hoping that by putting on this event, we can truly prove to the cartooners of the community how much we care about their drawings.” said Karen Fericul, newly-appointed head of YouTube’s Community Outreach Program. “By installing near-invisible tripwires and swinging axes in every hallway and creating blackjack tables where the dealer’s deck is almost exclusively made up of 9s and above, we are hoping to stress our commitment to the animators creating content for the platform, as well as put to rest any untruths concerning our feelings here at Google for the longevity of their channels. We’re especially hoping people come and check out our Platinum VIP area, where for an extra £25 they can actually fully re-enact every scene from the second Saw movie, with a couple from the third and fourth added in for good measure.”

Just one of the many rooms spruced up for the weekend.

Wow! Their generosity never ceases! All UK animators are free to attend, provided they have at least 100,000 subscribers and upload at least five full videos a week.

Hope to see you there!