Austin Dog Training Basic Facts and Tips

Oct 19, 2017 · 2 min read

Dog training is a huge project and you need to take gradual steps to ensure it is successful. Dog training must be a positive experience for your dog and for you to prosper relationship, and equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude. Remember that training your dog using games is effective, and the average time frame that your dog will learn the basic is about six weeks. It is essential to prepare the important things you need before starting dog training like clicker, dog collar or harness, dog treats, dog crate, dog leash, treat pouch, chew toys, calming aids, treat dispensing toys, and books and videos.

Clicker training and other dog training at needing positive reinforcement use dog treats to motivate and reward a dog’s good behavior. Crate training is one of the easiest methods in housetraining a dog. Crates can safely confine your dog most especially when you are unable to supervise him. Clicker training is an easy and fast method of training your dog using a clicker which is a small handheld device that makes a clicking sound everytime your dog performs a behavior you like. Dog collar or harness holds identification if ever a dog gets lost and it is a valuable tool in dog training. There are different types of collars and harnesses available in the market today, and the type of training you want to do dictates the type of collar your dog needs. For positive reinforcement, a martingale collar or flat collar is perfect, and a head halter or harness is the perfect solution for dogs which are tough to handle while walking. A leash is another important tool to provide your dog plenty of mental stimulation and exercise. Treat dispensing toys are important to prevent them from getting bored causing destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture and digging. Chew toys prevent your dog from chewing on shoes, kids toys, furniture, and anything else they can get their jaws around.

Dog training requires diligence in planning, scheduling, and implementing the right program, so your dog can learn quickly and effectively. Dog training should last for ten to fifteen minutes twice or thrice a day. The “Sit!” command is one of the easiest basic action that a dog can learn first, and it is important to stick with one particular action every training session to avoid confusion. When choosing an Austin day trainer, you need to deal with someone who is an expert at, experienced in handling the breed of dog you have, and one with a good reputation.

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