Thanks for your assistance last week with Doctor Ching, the UFE was completed on the29th of March 2011 as originally plan. I was given a profile until April 6, 2011. But I was informed via text message that I have to report to SRP on April 4, 2011 and to be prepared to fly on April 6, 2011 by my platoon sergeant. However, I am now requesting that my medical files and or records and all contact to the medical staff that I have seen; ONLY speak to my commander- CPT BOWEN and I am requesting that you all inform my commander of this because I am highly reluctant to inform her of my request. My reasons are as follows: 1. when I found out I really did need the surgery, I in informed my then squad leader but was reluctant to inform him of the details. I was than informed to speak to a female E7 and I felt comfortable explaining some details to her.2. In the interim of speaking to her the commander Capt. Bowen-female; ordered a Cpl Graf and a SGT Bennet to call Dr Ching; s office and to find out the details of my surgery (they spoke with his personnel and not him) and they shared this information with others in the office (68W) medics a total of 5, and plus others. When I found this out I requested to speak to Capt. Bowen; only to be belittled, threaten and humiliated about my medical issue. And I was told that I will not get the medical care that I want because it was not needed and that it would be secondary to the deployment; of which I was initially informed I would be leaving on 25th March 2011. I was also informed that I had no medical privacy and that all of the 68W’s needed to know the information Of which brought tears to my eye because the issue is of a sensitive nature to me because I know how I have been affected by it and how long I have suffered with this and the fact if I did not have it taken care of prior to deployment I would not be at 100% and be a burden on others down rang.3. I filed a complaint with nurse management of 2nd brigade and they informed the Brigade Commander Col. Hanna. Once he was informed others from my command also called Dr. Ching requesting information about the medical issue. I realized that even though they were given the information; that they still remain uneducated and looked at my condition as something that could have waited until 3–4 months after the deployment.4. I than requested to speak to the Division commander of 25th ID, but never was given the opportunity. I ended up speaking to different personnel of my command of whom informed me of others that had the same issue (example: FIBROIDS weighting 30lbs and of whom waited to after deployment to seek additional medical treatment). My medical issued was compared to the lost of a baby and a knee injury by the commander as she continue to tells others about my condition (violation of privacy continued).5. I also tried to explained to the commander how long I have been dealing with the issue and that I needed the medical care; I basically had to begged and plead with her to allow me to get the medical care of which cause me undue stress and further humiliation. She ignored my blood levels and count and the fact that I was growing weaker each month because the symptoms continue to get worst. She continued to tell me I was making it worst for other female soldiers. Ignoring the fact that if I did not rectify the medical issues me would end up having a hysterectomy and or a myectomy.6. So, at this time I am requesting that special notes and or alerts are added to my medical file, stating that only the commander can requesting information about my medical issue and the she is further educated about the PRIVACY ACT OF 1974; and I am also requesting that she sends a memorandum with her signature acknowledging that she will be the only one calling or another person that out ranks her and of whom that will be. And, I am e-mailed each time anyone from my command call and request information about my medical issue.7. This will further protect my privacy, and lessen the amount of personnel contacting and stressing out my provider and misinformation being spreaded due to the lack of care and or education. I greatly appreciated your attention to this e-mail and again thanks for your assistance. I am begging to feel better. Victory is Mine803–477–1631

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