The United States is not yet ready for a Female C-in-C.

…why Donald Trump is the next President.

That’s it! This is the only reason why Mr Trump stands a very good chance. He always played the coquet on this subject, and now the time is upon us all for the stage has been set. Trump was made for this moment, without his knowing it. “Let’s make America great again”…where have I heard that before? It’s almost as old as America has been great.

I really hope I am wrong, I sincerely hope everyone calling it turn out to be absolutely wrong when the election results are announced. Clearly, Hillary Clinton in all her glory and with all her wonderful achievements will emerge with the Democratic Party nomination but getting more votes than the eventual Republican candidate is where the true nature of Americans becomes observable and thus revealed.

I take nothing away from Clinton (not even if I could), same goes for Carly Fiorina. Though I am not comfortable with the constant introductory announcement of “Businesswoman and Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard”. I mean it’s no easy achievement being the CEO of HP, especially if you are a woman.

If it was easy, I should get an email from the CEO of HP stating how easy it is to become CEO of HP. Either that or Donald Trump should buy HP and declare himself CEO just to show how easy it is. He would not need to send me an email if he could. I’m confident because Donald J. Trump in all his glory, with his wonderful achievements and followers/fans, is a couple of billion dollars short of being half the woman Carly Fiorina was.

How is that for some perpective? Carly Fiorina is up to something, there are only a handful of people in the world who understand what it is and this handful are not numerically enough for her to win a free and fair election.

I am not Carly Fiorina (obviously), I don’t pretend to understand her offensive on Clinton. However, I am not the only one who thinks she should stop, there are many Americans who believe she should never have started the attacks but should state her case instead. The constant attacks are a turnoff for anyone who likes the Clinton brand. Both ladies may be ready but America is not, and there is only one way to prove it - get one of them to the White House.

Finally, don’t forget the J…it’s Trump, Donald J. Trump. #WhatIsTheJ

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